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What is this about?

Loving God 

As the Christian church overall has steadily lost focus on “the main thing” and adopted alternative goals — things that sound good to our ears and feel good to our emotions —it has become increasingly irrelevant to advancing the kingdom of God.  Yes, we need to be doing good things for those in need.  But “good works” and “the works prepared beforehand for us to walk in” can be radically different lists.  

 If Jesus had been recruiting social justice warriors, He would not have needed Pentecost to equip them for the mission.

As the church in America melts into the godless culture around it, alternate religions aggressively compete for the hearts and allegiance of the rising generations — among those religions are socialism, materialism, and the cancerous wokeism that worships external characteristics completely irrelevant to beliefs, character, moral virtues, etc.

What has happened to following Jesus?  Where is the church that was enabled at Pentecost to destroy the works of the enemy, set the captives free, “do the works [He did] and greater works” in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and walk in the discipline of “doing what we see Him doing?”

Not in America, by and large, although it is quite in evidence and rapidly growing in other parts of the world.

Loving America 

Speaking of America… It has long been obvious, but it has recently become painfully clear: many things are broken that need to be repaired. Incentives are in place to encourage and reward deceit, self-interest, and our submission to far-away elites instead of prioritizing the well-being of our own families, communities and societies.

Then in 2020 we suddenly gave away freedom, sovereignty, human rights, family businesses, incomes, health, free speech, meeting and worshipping together, being with loved ones in times of crisis … we lost so many things, so quickly, in the face of fairy tales called “computer models” and a pandemic of fear. 

The favored few got much richer. Most of us were damaged, and some were impacted horribly.  For no benefit, as it turns out.

 We submitted to nonsense, and in panic and confusion became compliant subjects to governments with hidden agendas and no legal authority to demand that compliance, instead of citizens with a government that works for us.  And as we crushed our own economy, we and millions around the world suffered because of it.

In summary

Can we recover?

Time is short. Our house, once built on the rock, has been massively expanded onto the surrounding sand. The storm is upon us. If we cannot fix this, we will have taken the first step, as President Reagan said, into “a thousand years of darkness.”

I want better for my grandchildren and theirs. Don’t you?

The solutions are simple, but not easy. They are simple because truth and reality are solid foundations to build upon; they are not easy, because we are so easily seduced by the alternatives. 

As a society and as individuals we need to find the truth, love the truth, defend the truth, and cling to truth. Will we? Are we willing to pay the price?

Since we serve a God who has demonstrated His power over death and His love for all, there is hope. To quote two great men: live not by lies; and having done all you can do, stand.

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We have time left to preserve America, but 2020 showed how easily it can be stolen from us. Let’s change that. Look for the truth, love truth, stay in reality, help others, defend what is good. Most of all, "Live not by lies." (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)